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A new season

As of the end of August 2019 I…we (Ray, Boss and I) are living back in Vernon B.C. Canada. It has been a challenging but right decision for us. I particularly have experienced grieving in leaving the life we were … Continue reading

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Daring to make a Difference

“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls, to arrive at it’s destination full of Hope.” Maya Angelou Recently I had the privilege of being at a beach resort that had a great small adult pool far … Continue reading

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What do I see

This women saw maize kernels on the ground spilled from sacks of maize. She saw this was food to be gathered maybe for one or two meals. I saw a poor woman picking up small bits of food off the … Continue reading

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A basket full This dear lady has walked a long distance to sell her cassava at the market. It is called Umwumbati in Kirundi. In Swahili it is Mihogo. The cassava plant is a small bush. People use the leaves … Continue reading

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What are you building?

“Encourage one another and build one another up.” NAJENGA Congo is all about an attitude of building hope by serving people in this region of Africa. Recently when the well was drilled on our Najenga land, there was a huge … Continue reading

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Lemon trees and Perspective

There are many jobs always needing to be done inside and outside of our home here in Bujumbura.  One of these recent jobs has been to cut back the branches of our lemon trees. The huge amount of lovely green lemons … Continue reading

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Back in Africa

It is 2am here in Burundi and jet lag plus a sore throat and a cold keep me up drinking hot lemon and honey.  My thoughts go to our time in Canada with family and friends, conversations we had and … Continue reading

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Here,There and Everywhere

These days it is challenging to keep my thoughts and heart responses positive.  News comes from here….there….and everywhere full on with emotional wrenching force.    Hurricanes, floods, fires, terrorist attacks in Europe and North America and  in this region of … Continue reading

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Comfort Zones

When we met this dear little girl I was struggling with deep emotion seeing her state.  It is not comfortable to witness children in this and often much worse health. After so many years living here I still find I … Continue reading

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Setting another goal, dreaming another dream.

  I ask myself, “why is it so challenging to put words on paper that express my thoughts?” I suppose there are many reasons but every time I go to share some things here I have found I am stuck … Continue reading

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